Subject RE: [firebird-tools] Duplicating tables and metadata from laptop to Server
Author Alan McDonald
Hi All,

I am looking for a simple FB tool to be able to dupicate
databases/tables and associated metadata from a laptop through to a
server. The databses/progs are created/developed on my laptop but then
I need to be able to duplicate, especially new tables, across a
network onto the server, perhaps with associated data in the tables.
Have had a brief look at some of the 'Replicators' and the 'Data
Pumps' but they appear to function (at least as a first look) only
between databases on the same server or same PC.
Any suggestions?


FBReplicator replictates across networks but it needs full servers at both
ends. You can't replicate TO an embedded server which has the db connected.
For metadata sync, you may be able to run IBExpert's datbase comparer and
send the resultant script to the script executive or IBEBlock for