Subject RE: [firebird-tools] Re: Data Modeling Tool
Author Alan McDonald

Most of these tools apply all the changes directly to the database.
They don´t have a respository that contain all data model information.

My intention is to create a full model first and then apply all the
changes at once in the database.


IBExpert does this but you need to buy it

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> if you expect to do 2 way modelling then I'm not sure there's
anything free.
> one way, which IMHO is not much different to using a decent admin
tool and
> creating the tables yourself, are around - check
> most admin tools offer a view where you design the tables and a diagram
> model can be viewed as you progress - probably all you ever need
> Alan
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> Subject: [firebird-tools] Data Modeling Tool
> Guys, what would be the best choice for data modelling if I´m using
> Firebird as a database ? I´m wondering about a free software that
> generates DDL code which I don´t have to modify before applying to the
> database. Tks in advance, Walter.

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