Subject ANN: CopyCat Replication Suite v.1.03.0
Author Jonathan Neve
Hi all,

Microtec is pleased to announce a new version of CopyCat, our Delphi /
C++Builder component set for database replication.

CopyCat can be used for integrating replication functionality into your
applications, or for making your own customized replicators, enabling
off-site database work, asynchronous work over slow connections,
automatic live backup, etc.

For information about CopyCat, see

Changes in version 1.03.0:

* Added support for BDS 2006.

* Added a new OnResolveConflict event, providing easy access to all the
information concerning the conflict, and allowing the user to resolve
the conflict in a simple way.

* Removed TCcTables and TCcProcedures components. Instead, TCcConfig
now creates two new tables in the database, RPL$TABLES and
RPL$PROCEDURES, thus replacing and simplifying the previous INI-file
system, which was too error-prone. Please note that this implies, that
your existing databases must be reconfigured using TCcConfig in order
for the new tables to be created.

* A new example project has been added, replacing the previous "Config"
example. This improved demo is considerably simpler and presented in a
clearer way.

* Improvement of the Replicator example project, so as to demonstrate
the new conflict management features.

* Added a Getting started manual, explaining the first steps to using
CopyCat, as well as detailing each of the provided examples. By
following the intructions in this manual, you can easily see CopyCat
working by using the example projects, and then look at the source code
to understand how it is done.

* Fixed some internal errors, that sometimes caused access violations
and IDE instability at design-time.

Best regards,
Jonathan Neve
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