Subject RE: [firebird-tools] -> Web based Firebird Forum
Author Scott Taylor
Si Carter said:
> Hi Scott,
>> hmm... both name servers are one in the same, you might be
>> better off to use a second name server so you don't have this problem.
> Would be interested to know what you used to verify this with, I have just
> checked ( and
> all is ok. There are 2 separate DNS servers for the domain so this
> problem shouldn't happen unless its local to yourself.

I use common networking tools like 'host' and 'whois' no charge.

The host command against both your name servers show they are on the same
IP Address, so if one doesn't work, niether does the other.

How could it be local to me that your name servers do not respond? Maybe
my huge ISP is blocking your name servers? Maybe they don't have a route
to your end of the world? Still not working at this time. :(

You didn't just change them in the last 24 hours did you?