Subject Re: [firebird-tools] Temporary tables and interfaces
Author Daniel Rail

At September 17, 2004, 14:26, Milan Babuskov wrote:

> Daniel Rail wrote:
>> That is, the contents of a global
>> temporary table or a created local temporary table cannot be shared
>> between SQL-sessions.

> And how are the SQL-sessions defined? Connections (attachments),
> transactions or something else?

Here's the definition: SQL-session: The context within which a single user, from a
single SQL-agent, executes a sequence of consecutive SQL-statements
over a single SQL-connection.

> I'm very curious, since without it it doesn't really define how it all
> should work.

>> In addition, the contents of a created local temporary table cannot be
>> shared between SQL-client modules of a single SQL-session.

> Also, it would be good if you could copy/paste how they defined
> SQL-client modules. I also sound like a very broad term, and can easily
> be misinterpreted.

Looking through the documentation, a SQL Client module is a plugin
that contains externally invoked procedures. At least that's what I
understood of the documentation after reading it a few times. And,
I don't think that I will be quoting it, because of it's length.

>> All references to a declared local temporary table are prefixed by
>> ?MODULE.?.

> I guess in every SQL statement?

That would be my guess, if SQL Client modules would be implemented and

>> 7) If ON COMMIT is not specified, then ON COMMIT DELETE ROWS is
>> implicit.

> And if it is? What other could happen to the rows?

The other commit action is PRESERVE.

> Well, I'm not expecting you to know all the answers, since you just
> quoted the text, but I really hope that you know some.

I try to understand the documentation, but because of how it is
written, a person has to read the information a few times to
understand(at least start to) what it means. Luckily, some parts are
very easy to understand.

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