Subject Re: [firebird-tools] Temporary tables and interfaces
Author Nando Dessena

A> The model of temporary tables that is being considered
A> at the moment has them registered in RDB$RELATIONS et al,
A> but visible (the tables themselves and the records in
A> RDB$RELATIONS) only to the attachment/connection that created
A> them.

Oh, the difficult one, then. ;-)
Does this mean that they cannot be referenced in triggers, stored
procedures, views, or that a mechanism to invalidate triggers, stored
procedures and views is being considered?

Would a model in which the structures are as fixed as real tables, but
the data is transaction/connection scoped be implementable on top or
side by side to this one, or is that a completely different thing?

A> I suspect that works very very badly for tools that
A> do connection pooling and those that use multiple connections.

I can't think of any feature (existing or planned) in FlameRobin that
would make use of this kind of temp tables, nor a feature that would
help a DBA handle them. Looks like the realm of a client application.

Nando Dessena