Subject Re: [firebird-tools] Multiway Replication..
Author Milan Babuskov
Andrew Neillans wrote:
> Trying to find a solution for Multiway server replication (5 servers
> in total), changes to all servers, they need to merge...
> At the minute I have a custom kludge put together that identifies
> changes based on time and a audit trail, but I'm trying to find a
> better solution.
> I've found a couple of replication suites that work brilliantly, but
> they need a windows box -- I need to implement it all on Linux --
> any ideas?

This has been asked recently. This one claims to work on Linux:

But I can't see a Linux version in download section.

FWIW, we have all written our own custom replicators. For example I
wrote mine in PHP, and it uses FBExport tool as a import/export engine
for large datasets.


Milan Babuskov