Subject Re: [firebird-tools] Addons module
Author Achim Kalwa

Calin Pirtea(RDS) wrote:

> I've done some changes to FBConfigManager project from Addons module in
> firebird's CVS.
> The reason for making some changes is that the final release of
> Firebird 1.5 is somewhat different in both registry keys handling and
> firebird.conf parameters to how it was when this project was created.

Good news. Do you plan to publish you changes?

> The same applies to Firebird-Manager control panel applet. If we want
> to make it Firebird 1.5 compliant we have to change the way it looks
> for the registry keys.
> Is anyone else working on these 2 projects?

The Firebird Control Panel which is shipped with Firebird 1.5 final has no
problems looking up registry keys.

You may try my alternative control panel, now called "Firebird Control
Center", which is available on