Subject Re: [firebird-tools] IBOAdmin BackupService
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:15 AM 8/12/2004 +0100, you wrote:

>H> It's the first item under Samples and Solutions (green background). It has
>H> the obscure file name :-))
>Found it. It took a while to be able to compile it because I didn't
>have IBOAdmin on this machine and had to download it - the zip file
>lacked the dpk and dcr files and I had to reconstruct the dpks and
>comment the dcr inclusion. I wonder why Lorenzo doesn't supply a
>complete distribution. Anyway...
>It works as expected. Here is your description annotated with my
> > An embedded app doesn't need a valid username and password for
> > connection to succeed (as designed!);
>right. It goes by with any username/pw combination.
> > but a backup can be run under embedded with no username and password at
> all.
>wrong. I get the aforementioned error if I try do.

Wrong? I think you meant to say "I couldn't reproduce it." Given that I'm
running under the Administrator credentials AND have ISC_USER and
ISC_PASSWORD set as user-specific env. vars, I think that's probably how it
can go with blank username and password with embedded (where the server
process is owned by the logged-in system user).

> > it enforces the rule that only SYSDBA or the Owner may do a backup!
>right. Which is as expected.
> > Also - at least with this version of IBOAdmin - aliased paths are
> > not recognised.
>wrong. If I put a suitable aliases.conf in the directory where Project1.exe
>is located I can backup through an alias. I have made sure that it's not using
>some other aliases file on the system. Again, this is as expected.

It doesn't work on my system. I've tried altering the aliases as well. In
all cases, the component returns the exception "Path to file [whatever] not
found" (the "whatever" part is the alias name, not the filename of the backup).

>BTW the example is misleading in that it doesn't connect to the
>database and with the user name and passwords you put in the edit

Huh, I don't get that point. The demo (which is a version of a version of
a version of a kindof generic test app that I use to do stuff) assumes that
the developer knows you don't need username and password to log onto a
database under embedded.

> - it just used those for the backup. Plus, it would be useful if
>it gave some backup feedback, like
> while not IBOBackupService1.EOF do
> Memo1.Lines.Add (StringReplace(IBOBackupService1.GetNextChunk, #10,
> #13#10, [rfReplaceAll]));

Duh. Why? I've got other IBOBackupServices around the houses that
demonstrate verbose logging.

Anyway, thanks for testing the blank username/password thing.