Subject Re: [firebird-tools] IBOAdmin BackupService
Author Helen Borrie

At 02:27 PM 7/12/2004 +1100, you wrote:

>Lorenzo Mengoni,
>Would it be possible to surface the connection handle made by the
>backupservice so that when you have the embedded server active, you would
>be able to backup the database simultaneously.

The backup service requires its own connection to the database. Any
instance of embedded can have at most one attachment, since anything
currently connected has an exclusive file lock.You still wouldn't be able
to back up the database "simultaneously", i.e. if the application was
already connected to the database.

Assuming Lorenzo were able to retain and expose the handle, it could be
used by the IBOBackupService *only* if the application were not connected
to it at the time the backup service wanted to connect.

Exposing the handle would only be possible if the Disconnect by the data
access part of the application is actually capable of leaving a valid
handle reference, as it does when connection pooling is used with a regular
client/server app. Why I suggested asking Lorenzo was in case he is able to
make use of the pooling capability of TIB_Connection in some way.