Subject Re: [firebird-tools] Re: Materialized views
Author Martijn Tonies
> > >Is there any method of creating Materialized views in Firebird?
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> > The other solution is to declare the "materialized view" as a
> > table and use triggers to maintain its values - either on the
> > view or on the source tables.
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> > Ann
> After reading up on Materialised views in Oracle, I can see these
> are just query snapshots placed in tables.
> There are not maintained in Oracle either.
> Our current method is to save the query to a CDS file.
> It seems this still is the best method.
> The trigger method seems to me would be highly complicated and
> slow our system down.

However, Oracle also has the "create_mv_refresh" clause,
which tells how and when to refresh the view.

You can make it refresh on any committed change in the "master"

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