Subject Re: [firebird-tools] How can I confirm a bug report has been received?
Author Artur Anjos

> So the bottom line is that I am not sure where or to whom I should
> report bugs in IBO Console. Does anyone have a suggestion about this?
> And how I can confirm that a bug report has reached the right people?

Lorenzo is the one. There's no list or another place to contact: this is an
individual effort to bring us a free tool, and Lorenzo deserves all credits
for that.

I only had one problem with IBOConsole, regarding character sets, and he was
very quick in the answer. Also, when multi-language pop up, Lorenzo was
quite fast publishing the translations.

So, my advice to you is:

1) Wait. He will answer you for sure.
2) Pick up the code (it's open source), and change it yourself. :-)

But continue to use this list to report any bug

. This way we can help Lorenzo - discussing the bug first between us.