Subject Re[2]: [firebird-tools] Spam
Author Carlos H. Cantu
Helen, remember you can BAN the email too.

Aprove the new subscriptions is also an option.

FireBase -

HB> Paul,

HB> At 07:57 AM 6/08/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>>Hey, does this list have a moderator? Since July 21st there have been
>>18 messages, of those 15 are what I would define as SPAM. Giving us a
>>signal to noise ratio of 1:5
>>I suggest that the powers that be (Helen?), set the moderator approval
>>flag and that for the next 90 days, all messages must pass moderator
>>And now back to our regularly scheduled spam.
HB> I don't know about you, but I can spot the porn and spam from either the
HB> email address, the subject or both. I'm not curious about the content - I
HB> just delete them.

HB> I have much more to whine about than you do. What I have to do is log in,
HB> search for the bad account, remove it, then bring up the Ban interface and
HB> ban that account. Then I have to go to the message archive and delete the
HB> offending messages. Half the time they are hit-and-run attacks anyway -
HB> they are gone by the time I get to them.

HB> On yahoo, we have two options for any subscriber: allow to post or not
HB> allow to post. It is not like Postfix, where the posted messages can be
HB> moderated before delivery.

HB> Helen

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