Subject Re: [firebird-tools] Linux tools for Firebird?
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:21 AM 28/05/2003 +0300, Tiberiu Atudorei wrote:

>IBAccess is an open-source app with versions for windows and Linux.
>Ii works fine with FB 1.02, for FB 1.5 it seems that you have to make some
>kind of symlinks to I've did it, but no success at all.
>So for FB 1.02, IBAccess is a possible answer.

Here was Nickolay's comment yesterday, in devel, on my query about the
location and symlink for

"All implementaions I know look in /usr/lib where Firebird 1.5
places link to"

This seems consistent with the setup for 1.0.x and contrary to rumours that
the locations and names had changed in 1.5. (I'm still not running the 1.5
on release candidates on my Linux servers...and won't do so until I have
IBO-K certified for 1.0.x)