Subject AW: AW: [firebird-support] memory bug?
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Hello Mark,


actually, we use the superserver with this settings. In the past, we had the classic server, because only it could access to some more cpu cores.


I thought, when we go back to the classic server, the problem with the 2gb RAM overflow is historical, because each of the connection has then an separate memory reservation an this should not exceeded the 2gb. I don’t know, why the superserver despite the limitation increases to more than 2gb of ram.


Thank you..


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On 28-8-2019 09:27, 'Check_Mail' check_mail@... [firebird-support]

> in our production environment I cannot simply install every update, it
> is an 24-hour-running system, I dont like to „touch“ i fit is not
> absolutely necessary. Okay, I will update the server and all clients soon.

The update frequency of Firebird isn't really high and I must assume you
need to plan for downtime anyway for OS updates etc. Firebird 3.0.1 is
almost 3 years old now (even 3.0.4 is almost one year old by now).
Upgrading Firebird 3.0.1 to a higher 3.0 version is a drop in
replacement (no backup and restore is necessary).

Although keeping the client libraries up-to-date is advisable, updating
the server doesn't require updating your clients at the same time. Older
Firebird clients (eg from 2.5 or 2.1, in theory even 1.0 although I
haven't verified that) can also still connect, but you'll need to
disable wire encryption and make sure that user is created with legacy_auth..

> The defaultdbcachepagesize I have n ot set in this case, I have learned,
> that is it necessary by using classing Server (set to 75). Or should I
> change this netzertheless?

Your previous message said you were using SuperServer. Are you using
ClassicServer instead? That difference is rather important for your problem..

> Page Size 4096
> Page buffers 65536

With SuperServer this is probably fine (256 megabytes per database),
with ClassicServer or SuperClassic, this requires 256 megabytes per


> Perhaps it is better to use the classic server, it uses for each
> connection some ram and a own process.

If you are using SuperServer right now, and you want to switch to
ClassicServer, you should change the page buffer settings of your database.


Mark Rotteveel