Subject AW: AW: [firebird-support] memory bug?
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Hello Karol,


first, thank your for your effort.


There are zwo databases running on our system, the second one has no open transactions, another transactions-model and only just one software were connect tot he server.


Can the update to the last firebird-version solve this? We had two times now this issue, without changing some configurations. Perhaps, the last windowsupdates or office updates changes some situations and now this works not perfektly.


The transactions-gap is normal, because we uses firebird odbc with ms access and the this transactions I cannot affect. All the other clients works fine in relation tot he transactions.


The storage should be okay, its a vmware one from the newest generation, sas hdds, very fast.


The Server OS shows me no warnings or errors. How can I see the content of the firebird process? Can I see based on the table stats some indicators, why my datbase needs so much memory.


If I update to a 64 Bit System, perhaps I dont have this problem anymore.


Thank you.



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Gesendet: Mittwoch, 28. August 2019 10:16
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You have buffers set inside database. Your current setting is 256MB ( 

65536×4096) so if this is your only database then Firebird should not eat whole memory. But this depend on your sort buffer also.


You should look at your system and monitor hardware especially HDD wait.

Also look at transaction management, as you have ~4k transactions gap between oldest active and next one.



Karol Bieniaszewski