Subject ODP: [firebird-support] memory bug?
Author Karol Bieniaszewski


>>we are using firebird 3.0.1 Superserver 32 Bit on a Windows Server 2008 32 Bit.

First, why 3.0.1 it contain many bugs fixed already. Use official 3.0.4 or snapshot version.

>>Currently we have all 60 days the problem, that our Applications works not well, the firebird-process uses almost 2GB of RAM and this is seemingly the limit of an 32 Bit process. In this case, I cannot connect >>with my tool to see the monitoring tables, no new connection can be established.

What is you buffers settings (in firebird.conf, or database.conf or in db itself). And maybe its time to upgrade hardware as current one looks not enought for your needs?



Karol Bieniaszewski