Subject AW: [firebird-support] CTE, tricky request
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..perhaps a solution?


  union all

  select cast(a.t || b.str as timestamp) as ts, a.bez from tkal_main a, sub_datum(:vorschau) as b where a.serie = 2


create procedure SUB_DATUM (

days integer)

returns (

str varchar(8))


declare variable c_date timestamp;

declare variable t_date timestamp;

declare variable temp_date timestamp;


c_date = current_date;

t_date = current_date + days;

temp_date = c_date;

  while (temp_date < t_date) do


    str = '.' || lpad(extract(month from temp_date),2,'0') || '.' || extract(year from temp_date);


    temp_date = temp_date + 30;




it works..



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Gesendet: Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2019 16:36
Betreff: [firebird-support] CTE, tricky request





I would like to generate a list with appointments.


In a table tkal_main I set the day (field “t”) of the meeting, every month I would like to get an entry. The description of the appointment is “bez”.


I helps me with a separate table (tmonate, id 1 = January and so on).


With cte…(

Select other termins

Union all

select cast(a.t || '.' || || '.' || extract(year from current_date) as timestamp) as ts, a.bez from tkal_main a, tmonate b)

select ts, bez from kal where ts >= current_date and ts < current_date + :vorschau order by ts into :datum, bez do


Vorschau is an integer with days in the future I would show, from tomorrow to tomorrow + x (vorschau) days


Now I get a List of appointments, but if I would get a month of the next year, the “year from current_date” is the problem.



Day 10 of every Month, today is the 13.06.2019, Vorschau = 365 days I would get:







At the time I get only til this December. And I have non indexed reads for table tmonate, because there is no relation. How can I make it better? With a List instead of the table tmonate?


Thank you.


Best regards