Subject Re: Web application with Firebird 3 and SaaS
Thanks for your answer, 

     I have a test environment with Apache 2.4 and PHP 7.3 using PDO, and it seems to be going well, although I have only tried it in read operations.

      Initially we have ruled out using a framework, it seems to us that it involves a lot of learning time and that we can supply it by structuring and encapsulating the code well. Would you recommend us to use one?

     Yes, I had to take a step back and investigate about security, I take note of what you say and any other consideration that you make me I will keep in mind

      Right now I'm designing the structure of the database, and I think I'll take the path of creating a database for each client even if it's more work to maintain but I think it's the safest in terms of data protection given my inexperience in web development . 

Very grateful for your contribution, 
Saray PĂ©rez