Subject Re: ** NOT ** Re: [firebird-support] Firebird upgrade advise
Author Helen Borrie
Rita Liotta wrote:

> Hi, Helen:
> Can you name some of these tools? I'm just floundering try to find one.
Only you can know what you need, according to your expertise with
databases and SQL and your comprehension of the drivers needed to use
a particular toolset. As a rule, the free tools and editions will have
fewer (or no) features for someone with minimal understanding.
Commercial products will be more likely to be helpful to such users.
Database Workbench has a long history and a good reputation and offers
a trial version and user support.

Tools recommendations are off-topic in this list, which is for actual
database support. You might like to join the firebird-tools list
(this URL, scroll down:
Try to explain what you need and someone there may be able to point
you where you need to go.


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