Subject Re: Issue with large table in FB 1.5 and 2.5
An update and a huge thank you to everyone for your input and help on this.  I spent most of yesterday writing Linux bash scripts and closing off ports on the database server so I could run this from a remote SSH request from a web server.  I wrote a pretty extensive script library that will drop all dependencies, then the table, then recreate them all using isql, etc.    It works.  I ran the result of this through the normal 1 million row load this morning, and it is instant response on SQL queries, etc.

This is huge for me & my client.  I will monitor this over time, but I definitely would concur with all the posters here in saying that the addition of a TRUNCATE TABLE command would have solved my problem here.  I know this is commonly found in other SQL DBMS systems, so it might not only be a feature that really solves real world problems but increases the competitiveness of Firebird with other open source DBMS offerings.

Anyway I'm coming to the FB conference in October, so I'd love to buy you all a beer (or your drink of choice) for helping me out.

Thanks again.