Subject Re: ODP: [firebird-support] Query that was very fast under the oldest 2.5 versions are very slow under 2.5.8 or 2.5.9
Hi Karol;

I was investigating what is doing the query optimizer about the MOVI_FECH index.

I found that using "MOVI.FECH between ...20190301 and 20190412" does not use MOVI_FECH index. 

I also found that if I do "MOVI.FECH >= 20190301  and MOVI.FECH >= 20190412" does not use MOVI_FECH index.

The only expresion that use the MOVI_FECH index is when I do "MOVI.FECH = 20190412".

This is the problem, I guess.

I will report the case.