Subject Re: [firebird-support] Drop table safe when other users are active?
Author Kjell Rilbe
I see noone replied. OK.

1. Alexey Kovyazin at IBSurgeon confirms that the problem still exists.
He's the one who fixed my corruption before. He should know...

2. He also says that there's a "rule" that DDL should always be executed
in exclusive connection. Where is this rule documented, if it exists?

It would seem odd to ignore the drop table problem and also not document
that it exists and that DDL should be executed in exclusive connection.
In fact, if DDL is supposed to be executed only in exclusive connection,
the engine should refuse to execute DDL in any non-exclusive connection
and return a suitable error.

If there's already an issue in the tracker about this, I'd appreciate a
pointer to it so I at least would be able to follow it.


Den 2019-05-24 kl. 11:28, skrev Kjell Rilbe
kjell.rilbe@... [firebird-support]:
> Hi,
> A few years ago we suffered Firebird corruption and got it fixed with
> the help of IB Surgeon. I was told at the time that dropping tables
> while other users were connected was the probable cause, and that this
> was a bug in FIrebird that had been around for a long time. I think this
> would be for Firebird 2.5.
> Now I'm wondering if this is a bug that is known to have been fixed
> since then? In other words: Is it now (version 3.0.4) safe to drop
> tables when the database is in use by multiple users?
> Mvh,
> Kjell
> .

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