Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Engine12 32 64 bit question
Author Helen Borrie
alex@... wrote:

> Thanks a lot!

> When everything else fails read the manual.

> I put xnet:// in front of the local path and it connects now.
> The IBDAC has a property to specify library location. I did put the
> path to 32 bit fbclient, but until I put xnet:// in front of the
> path the wrong engine12 would be used.

Actually, what threw everyone into confusion was your references to
"local connection". When I read your second posting yesterday morning
the penny dropped, that you were talking about an XNET connection. I
was about to jump in when I saw that Vlad had spotted what your real
problem was and had steered you in the right direction.

The "local" argument for the connection protocol Delphi database is
traditional "Borland-speak" for a simulated network connection that is
constructed in the client's user space. Delphi abd CBuilder folk
interpret "local" in a specific way: others would be less likely to
get what you were actually talking about.

In Firebird, XNET replaced the Borland model some versions ago (2.1?
2.5?) but the "serverless" connection string remained valid up to the
end of the 2.x series. In Fb3 (as you would have discovered by
studying the release notes sooner!) the implementation of Embedded was
unified across all platforms, for the first time, i.e., the
"serverless connection string" no longer directs the client to connect
via this simulated network connection: it is now exclusive to
embedded in Windows, as it was previously on other platforms.

Hence the introduction of that XNET:// prefacer for your database file
path (or alias) in Fb 3 when you want to use XNET protocol...along
with a handful of other prefacers applicable to other protocols.

You are not the first to bump into this with Fb3. Last year, Vlad and
I put together a tech topic on the subject. In case you want a bit
more information, here's the URL:


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