Subject Re: Engine12 32 64 bit question
I copied fbclient.dll to exe folder and get same result:
"Error loading plugin Engine12
Module c:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_3_0\plugins/Engine12 exists but can not be loaded
unknown win32 error 193"

(193 is bitness mismatch if I understand it correctly)

I'm using  Delphi and IBDAC components from Devart to access Firebird. I'm sure this is not an embedded server connection. The program is 32 bit as I mentioned and the Firebird server is 64 bit.
I can specify location of fbclient as one of the connection properties.
All connections are local. The server is running on my development machine.

I wonder if there is other way to specify the database address for this connection to force some other plugin to get loaded?

Thanks in advance,
A L.