Subject Re: [firebird-support] Connect Libreoffice Base with Firebird
Author Drew Jensen
Howdy, would be a better place however.

"Firebird File" is not the Base sdbc driver you want here. 

Firebird File, is a Base driver which uses Firebird Engine12 to talk to a single user .fdb (usually created from within Base) file external to the Base .odb file.

There is also a 'Firebird embedded' which, surprise, also uses Engine12 but the datafile is actually in the Base .odb file.

What you want to do is to choose ODBC or JDBC if you want to connect to a FireBird server instance.

In fact just did a quick search over on the ask.lo site and found this:

It is a bit wordy but it gives examples for both ODBC and JDBC.

I hope that link helps, but if you want to ask more questions here that is fine also.

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On Wed, May 8, 2019 at 3:24 PM garnakis@... [firebird-support] <> wrote:

I installed firebird server and libreoffice Base 6.2

On the database wizard I proceeded like:

 -Select Database Step: 

-on the Connect to an existing database dropdown menu I picked Firebird File and clicked Next 

- On the Connection settings it asks for Datasource URL (e.g. host=$host:$port dbname=$database) I know that I can connect with isql tool to my example database with

isql examples -u sysdba -p masterkey

or by using the full path

isql 'localhost:c:\db\examples.fdb' -u sysdba -p masterkey

And work from the Command Prompt.

But I'd like to use Base for the rest. How can I do that? Anybody knows?

I am not even sure If I should ask this here.