Subject Re: UDFs for Firebird 1.5 on CentOS 7 64 Bit
Thanks for your reply.  The problem isn't that what you are saying *should* be done.  The problem is that this database has over 200 tables, and 1200 stored procedures and the process to do it is long (ie. over a month of work likely).  I did manage to get a solution here by converting all stored procedures away from rfunc library over to FreeAdhocUDF library and finding similar UDF function and using that.  This seems to work with later CentOS 7 64 bit environments, and this has become a stop-gap solution.  But clearly you are correct in that this needs to be upgraded.  It is really just a matter of timing and choosing the right platform to move it to.  I also have to deal with client applications and libraries since the bulk of the client apps that connect to the database are PHP and there are issues with what client libraries for what versions work with what PHP versions.  The whole stack has to be upgraded at the same time, making this process even more burdensome.