Subject Re: Firebird server resource recommendation for remote server?
Author Norbert Saint Georges
Chuck Belanger phytotech@... [firebird-support] a écrit :
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> Oh, yeah. We are using FB 3+ (latest ver), 64 bit on the server.


Being in the case, I will try to answer you even if my English is that
of google ;-)

I have VMs win2k8 r2 6 or 8 cores and 16giga with FB3 databases of 80
to 300 giga average on a node in Germany connected from Finland.

Points to consider in the order:

1) Network response time between client / server. Between 14ms & 30ms
it's not bad. Attention to the network in PAT / NAT

2) Disk system, SSD is almost mandatory if you are working in native FB
connection with forced writing.

3) Do not send a scan of the lungs in a blob native connection! use a
micro or web service for that.

4) Query the DB via stored procedures.

5) Type of SLA of the provider.

6) Make several test from various suppliers on ipv4 wired before
starting to work on the project

Norbert Saint Georges