Subject Re: Off-Topic: Firebird future
Author pablo sanchez
Already registered and downloaded from .
The version is the Open Edition v3.0.3.554 .

Running on Debian 10 and Debian Testing both 64bit, using openjdk 11.
It works fine with openjdk 8 .

Is working nice, it looks nice. Will be trying much futher .

Pablo Sanchez

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> Hello Stefan,
> If Firebird users want to have GUI too, we should consider the options.
> The situation now is really different than several years ago, so
> including a free GUI to Firebird umbrella now is really a option. For
> example, at Firebird Conference there was presentation about RedExpert -
> GPL license, multi platform, developed by contributor of Firebird and
> (since last week) Platinum sponsor.
> I tried its beta on Linux and Windows and it worked far better than
> thing included into Postgresql and abandoned FlameRobin.
> Of course, we should discuss all aspects before making the decision.
> Regards,
> Alexey Kovyazin
> IBSurgeon
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