Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Off-Topic: Firebird future
Author Daniel Miller
On 10/9/2019 9:08 AM, pablo sanchez pablos@...
[firebird-support] wrote:
> I use Firebird since 0.x version (open interbase?) .
> It's the most versatile db I've found so far : embedded and full server,
> linux(99%) and windows, odbc or jaybird.
> Installs in 5 minutes with db configuration.
> I never had a performance issue that was not my fault and biggest db's
> are 80GB+ with ~300 concurrent sessions .
> The "tooling" is becoming a problem for me as I use less and less
> ms-windows. There are no linux tools I can bare to use daily as
> Flamerobin is, and I must start migrating to v3 ASAP. I'm starting to
> evaluate windows tools within WINE and java based tools .

There are a few (Windows-only) applications that are quite powerful -
but honestly the primary tool I've used has been FirebirdWebAdmin
(formerly IBWebAdmin). I'm generally working from a remote site and
connecting via SSH or HTTP to the server - so having a web-based GUI
running on the database server is a natural fit for me.

What specific features are you looking for that aren't available in this