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Author Alexey Kovyazin (ak)

Azure simply does not deliver what it promises - simple test gives results for Azure premium ssd in the lowest 25%, simple CrystalDiskMarks shows awful results too. 
Your server is yours, but Azure promises Enterprise grade performance, without worries abour RAID, ssd, etc - but what we get is far from it, as well as from money paid for it. On other side, Google Cloud shows reasonable results in these tests, so why pay for the worst option.
Amazon EC2 with ssd also looks better than Azure in terms of performance, but seems to be much more expensive than Digital Ocean, Hetzner and even Google Cloud. 

Alexey Kovyazin 

ср, 9 окт. 2019 г., 10:49 'Louis van Alphen' louis@... [firebird-support] <>:

I think it is unfair to say Azure sucks. I have had huge performance issues with FB on a normal server with server grade SSDs. My desktop PC with spindle HDD outperforms it by an order of magnitude. To date it has not been resolved but I suspect it has to do with the RAID controller. The same server is very fast with MSSQL.

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In short words, Azure sucks, its so called Premium SSD is worse than the cheapest consumer grade ssd.

Try Google Cloud or Amazon, or Hetzner.


Alexey Kovyazin


пн, 7 окт. 2019 г., 0:20 Rune Horneland rune.horneland@... <mailto:rune.horneland@...> [firebird-support] < <> >:


We are running Firebird 2 in an Azure VM. It can only take so much in terms of concurrent connections.

What top-level advice would you give to scale this?

We are connecting to it from a .NET core Middleware using Azure VMs.

The architecture of the middleware is quite monolithic. We are considering rewriting it with Microservices and Azure functions or similar architecure, but are unsure how we could scale the Firebird DB or connections itself.

Multiple casehandlers in our company use it via a Delphi-based Windows application at the other end, with a vendor maintaining the Firebird DB and Windows app development, so we are locked into using Firebird.


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