Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird-net-provider
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 2019-10-08 14:18, Clyde Eisenbeis cte677@... [firebird-support]
> Everything worked up to the last step. After a variety of bounced
> emails (some with the registration <code> in the subject), I was
> finally able to post a question on the website. As of today, there
> are no responses.

You posted your question yesterday, you can't expect an instant
turnaround for what is essentially a mailing list for users and
maintainers of Firebird-net-provider. The help you get is from your
peers/volunteers, so people will only answer if 1) they know the answer,
2) find it interesting to answer and 3) have time to answer.

In addition, to be rather blunt, your question[1] is not really clear.
That is, it is not apparent from that question that you have a problem
with using Firebird Embedded from C#, nor what you already tried, what
errors you get, etc. You are only repeating the questions that I already
answered on this mailing list, and those questions are not directly
related to what you really want to know: how to use Firebird Embedded
from C#. People on that list who also follow this mailing list will
likely skip it as already answered here, and for others it doesn't
really invite an answer because it is not a clear question.

Reading back, I did say "you should take your question to the
Firebird-net-provider Google Group", but I hadn't intended it to
literally post the message I was replying to verbatim to the
firebird-net-provider list.

Present your real problem and ask a direct question about that. Don't go
off on tangents. For example, the question you asked earlier on this
would be far better to ask on the firebird-net-provider list (although I
would suggest to provide a bit more details about your project, your
deployment and where you put Firebird Embedded).

> When I reviewed a variety of databases two years ago, I selected
> Firebird because I was able to create a database and implement it with
> my exe (nothing else required). I liked it.
> Priorities redirected my efforts then.
> I'm a bit puzzled why others are not interested in implementing
> Firebird with this approach. It simplifies everything. Nothing else
> needs to be installed. Just run the exe.

Why do you think others aren't using Firebird this way, because they do.

However, for a lot of applications, using Firebird server is far
superior to using Firebird Embedded, because multiple applications, on
multiple machines can then use the same database.

> Are there any other support options? Thanks!

See (which for free support will
just point you to these mailing lists). You could also try Stack
Overflow, but asking a question like you posted on the
firebird-net-provider list will likely just get downvoted and closed as
'unclear what you're asking' or 'too broad'. And there you would be
confronted with the same problem: people need to want to answer your
question and have time to answer your question (writing a good answer
takes a lot of time). And as I'm one of a few people answering Firebird
questions there, I'm not sure how helpful that will be.