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It's not that easy to give an example, but it's not that hard to get an idea what the Butler platform is all about:

Picture TComponent/TModule model from Delphi VCL realized on SOA/messaging architecture. You can then build various applications from these building blocks (services). Individual services can share the same process(es), or could be distributed over multiple processes or even and computers. What these services/applications will do is up to the developer. Firebird project will create various services primarily for Firebird management tasks, and will create various bundles as consumer applications for specific needs. But the scope and usability potential of Butler platform is far beyond pure Firebird domain.

Is it more clear for you now? 

BTW, the Firebird Butler development is currently supported by IBPhoenix and IBSurgeon, but other individuals and companies are welcome to join at any time, as it's a fully open project.
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Předmet: ODP: [firebird-support] Introducing Firebird Butler

I read many pages and still do not know about what it is all about.

I am guy who like differenet learning pattern.


Consider 2 patterns.



  1. Description
  2. Example



  1. Example
  2. Description


If you thing about then you will see that only second pattern is acceptable.

Example first then multiple pages of description.



Karol Bieniaszewski