Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: installing fb 1.5 in Mac Mojave
i tried to rerun the script,  looks like firebird user not exist, but do see 'Firebird Database' in the login screen:

sudo ./postinstall
and got following:

sh-3.2# ./postinstall 


Create the Firebird group 10.5+

Group Found

Create the Firebird user 10.5+

User Found

Shutdown any existing servers

Install the framework

chown: firebird: illegal user name

Set the permissions correctly

Remove all traces of Classic first

Install StartupItem in the correct place SuperServer

Install ourselves in the correct place Classic

Test inetd

Test xinetd.d

Test launchd

Make sure hosts.equiv files are set correctly

cp: /etc/hosts.equiv: No such file or directory

grep: /etc/hosts.equiv: No such file or directory

Install the saved security database

Install the saved aliases.conf file

Install the saved UDF libraries

cp: /tmp/*UDF_save_*: No such file or directory

rm: /tmp/*UDF_save_*: No such file or directory

Tell inetd/xinetd to reload configuration files

Start SuperServer