Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 3.0 client does not work with remote Firebird 2.5 database
Author Helen Borrie
Mark wrote:

> On 20-1-2019 22:35, Helen Borrie helebor@... [firebird-support]
> wrote:
>> Firebird 3 allows configuration at both client and server for some
>> parameters, including these two. Changes to these parameters must be
>> done at the client side for your situation. If you plan to use the
>> same Firebird setup on the Linus server as a client for databases on
>> both 2.5 and 3.0 servers, you'll need to configure records there in
>> databases.conf, specific to each. (You could set them globally in
>> firebird.conf but that would, of course, restrict the options for
>> accessing diverse remote databases.)

> Testing on Windows, the Firebird client makes no attempt to read any
> databases.conf (checked with procmon). As far as I can tell,
> databases.conf is purely for configuring Firebird server and has no
> influence on configuring the client.

> Why do you think that databases.conf can also be used to configure the
> client?

I thought so, because that was my understanding from Alex P. when we
were writing that Authentication article. It's long enough since
then, that I can't recall the discussions in detail. It possibly came
up in response to a question regarding a scenario where the same Fb
client file structure (e.g., a Fb3 server root dir) was being used to
access local and remote databases of differing ODS and one didn't want
to limit those options by configuring those client-side parameters globally.

It is well possible that I've misunderstood that and configuring each
option in databases.conf is *not* the solution; meaning that the
client side files, including a custom firebird.conf, should be located
in the client's application root dir, as ever and it is only for local
databases that databases.conf is available to override settings in

> And if it should, but doesn't seem read it on Windows, is that a
> bug?

I guess that, if it is a bug, we'd know about it by now.


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