Subject Re: [firebird-support] Possible problem garbage collector in 32bit 2.5.8
Author Carlos H. Cantu
Re: [firebird-support] Possible problem garbage collector in 32bit 2.5.8 Based on what you wrote, I would start searching for bad transaction control (mostly long running transactions) leading to a huge amount of garbage in the database that, when gets collected, will consume lots of resources and give the feeling that FB just hanged. After some time (minutes or hours, depending on the garbage amount, etc) it would start "responding" again.

gstat -h can give you some information on long running transactions, if ran in the moment where the server is "hanged"

IBAnalyst, from IBSurgeon, can check the statistics of those databases and give you some clue on that too.

Migration Guide to FB 3

I have a few customers still working on XP with Firebird 2.5.8 32 bit. And it seems that a problem is introduced in 2.5.7 or 2.5.8. In semi regular periods, the Firebird server hangs (hogs CPU). This reappears after a restart of the Firebird server and accessing the database again. Only solution is making a backup, without Garbage collection, and restore. I can deliver databases with the problem for reproduction.