Subject AW: [firebird-support] FireBird 3.0.3 embedded is crashing when using an UDF function which returns a CSTRING
Author Jelich, Michael
Hi support team,

I've found the problem and a solution ­čśŐ

Just to clarify if anybody other has the same problem:
- I have a process performing firebird database updates
- currently it uses FireBird 2 Embedded only
- now this process has to make the database become a firebird 3 database during update
- for that it makes a backup using FB2, switch to FB3 and do the restore using FB3 (both embedded)
- the fbclient.dll as well as the UDF are unloaded properly before switching to Firebird 3 folder
- but I recognized that after switch to FB3 the ib_util.dll is loaded twice in my process (one from FB2, the other from FB3)
- this must have been the reason that the call to ib_util_malloc inside the UDF failed and forced the process to exit
- I completed the FB2->FB3 switch by a call to FreeLibrary which successfully unloads the FB2-ib_util.dll
- the handle for the FreeLibrary-call is determined via CreateToolHelp32SnapShot(TH32CS_SNAPMODULE, 0)

The reason because I get the same error in ibExpert seems to be that this process also has two ib_utils.dll's loaded: one from an internal used FB2 Embedded frolder, the other from the configured FB3 embedded folder.

Probably it makes sense to change the fbclient.dll in a way that it recognizes such a situation and use the correct ib_util.dll (e.g. having the same version as fbClient.dll or residing in the same folder...).

Thanks for your support.

Best regards

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23.07.2018 8:54, 'Jelich, Michael' Michael.Jelich@... [firebird-support] wrote:
> Yes, it does. The dpr code is as follows:
> begin
> System.IsMultiThread := true;
> Randomize;
> end.

Did you check that this code is really executed? I'm sure about execution of initialization sections in libraries, but not about the main code block.





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