Subject Re: [firebird-support] hosting on linux questions
Author Lester Caine
On 14/07/18 16:05, Issam Boughanmi amigoface@...
[firebird-support] wrote:
> i want to setup a vps to host my web site / application using existing
> firebird databases
> 1- after some search , it seems that the recommended linux distribution
> for a web server is centos 7, then ubuntu .
> any feedbacks , recommendations, ideas on this please , and how it
> behave with firebird ?
I'm still running Suse13.1 on production servers, but have Suse42.3
configured on the replacement machines. Running basically 'out of the
box' without any extra packages added, and I'm running nginx, PHP and

> 2 - i am not really  a linux user , what is the best place/directory  to
> put the fdb databases ?
I've always worked off /srv so have /srv/firebird/<site> for the
databases and /srv/website/<site> for the web stuff. I also have a cron
job running which backs up each database every night and stores 5
backups with the website ... and then mirrors the changes to that to a
backup machine.

> 3 - i have several databases for differents custumers (20 / 30 or more),
> can a single firebird server handle many databases correctly ?
No problem ... and a lot easier than the mess MySQL creates when trying
to isolate multiple users ...

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