Subject Re: [firebird-support] firebird 3.0 Not binding on ipv4 on windows xp machine
Author Helen Borrie
Taylor Stewart wrote:

> Installed firebird on windows xp with ipv6 enabled. and it will only listen on :: ipv6

> if i manually adjust RemoteBindAddress to it listens on ipv4 fine.

Looks as if you have discovered a workaround for behaviour on an
obsolete operating system. It would be safer to use the host's own
Ipv4 address or host address, though.

You could also try the alternative syntax


to avoid your NOS even polling for an IPv6 address.

> Is this normal? 
> On windows 10 it listens on all by default with no configuration changes.

Perhaps. I don't think our project-based QA testing extends to
testing on XP, Windows 98 or Windows 3 these days. ;-) It might be just
what you need to do to achieve what you want on that old OS.

Make sure the clients are using the Fb3 client to ensure that
they are using a network protocol version that supports Fb3's

It's also worth checking whether you inadvertently configured
IPv6V6Only to true in firebird.conf. You want that false ( = 0) to
allow clients to poll for IPv4. Don't forget that, if you
reconfigure anything in there, you need to restart the Firebird
service for it to take effect.


Kind regards,
Helen Borrie

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