Subject Re: [firebird-support] Simultaneously host database from multiple engines
Hi Dimitry,

Thanks for your reply. I have done some further testing.

FlameRobin is running as a regular user and connected via connection string localhost:c:\Path\To\Database.fdb

My application is connected via connection string c:\Path\To\Database.fdb

When I launch my application as a regular user, I get the message:

Database is probably already opened by another engine instance in another Windows session.

But when I launch my application as an Administrator, it connects without error. (I hadn't noticed in my earlier message that I had launched my application as Administrator because I launched from my IDE which itself happened to be elevated).

Should there be a difference here between regular vs elevated embedded process?

I also am a bit concerned that my embedded version is running 2.5.2 vs the full server running 2.5.8, so if it is running in Classic Mode, wouldn't having multiple versions of the server addressing a file (ODS 11.2) potentially cause corruptions?

I am leaning towards adding a background process to my application to monitor MON$ATTACHMENTS as a safety measure.

Thanks for your help