Subject Re: [firebird-support] Doubts about Firebird in Linux....
Author Ismael L. Donis Garcia
I'm running Firebird 2.5.8 on Devuan Jessie with ext4 and works very well

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>Subject: RE: [firebird-support] Doubts about Firebird in Linux....
>Hi Aldo,
>is not ext4 too slow?
>What mount switches do you use?
>We had to switch back to ext3, because ext4 was too slow (barrier switch
>and db forced write were on).
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>>Subject: Re: [firebird-support] Doubts about Firebird in Linux....
>>I'm running Firebird on Linux since many years, with the following
>>1. Ubuntu 14.04 ( I've also run it on Debian 6.0 )
>>2. ext4
>>3. Journaling
>>4. Firebird 2.5.2
>>Aldo Caruso
>>>El 16/05/18 a las 20:43, Javier Cintron
>>>fcintrono@...<mailto:fcintrono@...> [firebird-support]
>>>Firebird ver 64 bits
>>>Windows Server 2012R2
>>>I am planning to change the operating system that hosts our ERP's
>>>Firebird Databases from Windows Server 2012R2
>>>to Linux and I have some questions about it:
>>>1. Which Linux distribution do you recommend? I have experience using
>>>2. Which Linux file system do you recommend? (ext3 ext4, etc)
>>>3. Do you recommend using a journaling file system?
>>>4. One of the requirements is that the Firebird has to be but
>>>as of today the current version is is there a >>>repository
>>>of past firebird versions?
>>>Thanks in advance for your help