Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 3 Wire compression encrypt basic setup ?
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 15-5-2018 22:00, Issam Boughanmi amigoface@...
[firebird-support] wrote:
> i  have  a firebird 3 database hosted on internet  wich i want to access
> it via a desktop application .
> for that i need to make the communication as secure as possible .
> i have tested zebedee and it worked well but i prefer the builtin
> fonctionnality in FB3.

You really shouldn't make your Firebird install directly accessible over
the internet. Either mediate with REST service, or use a VPN or maybe an
SSH tunnel (or maybe zebedee, although I strongly suggest to use a SSH
tunnel instead, zebedee seems to have stopped development 13 years ago).

The wire protocol encryption applied by Firebird (RC4) is relatively
weak, so it would not be my primary choice for securing communication
over the internet.

> now what are the steps needs to make the firebird communication
> compressed and encrypted over internet except changing wireencrypt and
> wirecompression in firebird configuration file ?

Wire encryption is enabled by default assuming the client is using a
Firebird 3 client library or an alternative driver that supports wire
encryption, and the database account has to be a Srp account.

To use compression, the firebird.conf used **by the client(!)** needs to
set WireCompression = true, or this value needs to be passed in the
isc_dpb_config connection parameter. For alternative drivers, check
their documentation (if it is supported at all).

> do i need to do anything in my app or in the firebird client ?
> what about database tools like flamerobin ?
Mark Rotteveel