Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird and Windows 10 update
Author Helen Borrie
foros@... wrote:

> Hi

> Since few hours ago, in some customers after Windows 10 update, my app can not connect to server.

> Fb server works, and clients with previous Windows versions work.

> Error; 8004 - Unable to complete server request to host...

As far as I can see, error 8004 is a serial port error, not a network
one. It's strange that Windows accompanies it with a network error
message (unless, perhaps. those machines have a serial controller for
the network card...???)

> Fb 2.5.6 .7 .8

> Tried with odbc 2.02, 2.03 2.05

Do you know for certain that the network interfaces are working on
those Windows 10 client machines? I recall having problems with both
wireless and wired LAN interfaces on client machines after the Win 10
upgrade, requiring driver updates; and also a few times since then
with some of the Win10 updates disabling the network interface.

The Win 10 troubleshooter does quite a good job of re-enabling comms
devices that have been disabled by a Windows update, or identifying
what the problem is. If you get a green light from that, try to ping
the host machine from the clients. Once you have a good ping response,
your clients should be able to find the host machine and connect.

Another possibility (less likely) is that the remote NICs are working
but the server has more than one NIC and the clients are not finding
the correct one. You can force the server to listen on only one card
by placing the IP address of the correct card into the
RemoteBindAddress parameter in firebird.conf. Restart the Firebird
server if you make this change.