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Hi, Mark,


thank you very much for detailed questions!


Answers are:


-          WIN 10 is only on client

-          We have tried both: embeded and locall – nothing was working

-          FB runs as service

-          We wil try to run it as application

-          FB process is working, we have verify it – we see it running

-          With command netstat we do not see 3050 port in a list,

When we restore WIN to a 1709, port is visible again

We add port 3050 into firewall but it is not visible in a list (problem might be with port 3050 and firewall configuration?)

                WIN does not listen to port 3050 data through, even it is configured in firewall



Does any one have any idea what to do?


Thank you so much!



Best wishes,








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[firebird-support] wrote:

> I would have a question why, after automatic upate of WIN 10, update
> package 1803,FB (our software using those two) generates an
> error 335544721, Failed to established a connection?
> We have tried a lot of posibilities, but no effect.
> We have upgrade to FB 3.0.3 and problem remains.
> We have been seeking solutions on WIN 10 part too (off IVP6, unblocked
> 3050 port, unblocked FB), but no effect.
> Any thoughts?

What is the full error

Exactly what is your setup: Is Windows 10 used to host the Firebird
server, or is Windows 10 used on the client machines (or both)? Are you
using Firebird Embedded, connecting locally, or over the network. Is
Firebird running as a service, if so under what user? What happens if
you run it as an application (firebird -a from the command prompt with
Firebird 3).

Have you verified the Firebird process is actually running, and is
listening on port 3050 (eg check in command prompt with netstat -ano).
Have you verified the Windows 10 firewall settings?

Did you also update the Firebird client install on the client machines?

Mark Rotteveel

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