Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird temp files
Author Omacht András

Hi Karol,


we have chosen the following solution to avoid temp disk writes:

  • Firebird 2.5.8 classic default configuration (with 2 changes see below)
  • 456 databases (~379 GB)
  • average ~4000 fb_inet_server processes
  • 10 GB ramdisk (/ramdisk/fb_temp) for external files and for tempdirectories (chmod 700 for firebird user):
    • ExternalFileAccess = /ramdisk/fb_temp;/hdd_path/fb_temp
    • TempDirectories = /ramdisk/fb_temp;/hdd_path/fb_temp


This 10 GB more than enough for us. Based on the monitoring system data, it has never been completely full.