Subject Re: [firebird-support] gbak of encrypted database
Author Alexey Kovyazin (ak)

 gbak does not support encryption in the standard Firebird 3.0 distribution. 

In IBSurgeon's plugin implementation there is a gbak support,  with transparent encryption of backups with the same key. 

And restored database from the encrypted backup is also encrypted,  otherwise it will be a security hole. 

If you're implementing your own plugin,  you can implement whatever you need. 

Alexey Kovyazin 

вт, 1 мая 2018 г., 3:24 Hamish Moffatt hamish@... [firebird-support] <>:

If a db is encrypted with Firebird 3 encryption, is a backup made with
gbak also encrypted?
implies you need to encrypt your backup afterwards so that means no.

Will a restored db from that backup be encrypted automatically or would
you have to run 'ALTER DATABASE ENCRYPT ...' on the new db afterwards if
you want it encrypted also?