Subject Re: [firebird-support] Cannot open database file in local hard disk
Author Helen Borrie
> I use Firebird 2.1 and in some computers I cannot open a
> database file which is in the local hard disk.
> For example, let's suppose I have the database
> C:\Test\MYDATABASE.FDB and I try to open it with IB_SQL (from IBObjects).
> If I use C:\Test\MYDATABASE.FDB I get "unavailable database".
> If I use SERVERNAME:C:\Test\MYDATABASE.FDB I get "unavailable database".
> If I use \\SERVERNAME\C:\Test\MYDATABASE.FDB I get "unavailable database".
> If I modify [firebird.conf] aliases.conf creating the alias
> MYDATABASE=C:\Test\MYDATABASE.FDB, then using MYDATABASE I can open the database.

This is the intended behaviour if you have DatabaseAccess = None
configured in firebird.conf.