Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird vs. PostgreSQL
Author Alexey Kovyazin
Hello All,

As there are many people involved and truly interested in further
Firebird development in this thread, I would like to remind, that
Firebird is funded by Firebird Foundation sponsors and members, and
there is always ability to boost development with money sponsorship and

If you want to help with it, consider to become a sponsor

For example, with extra USD$36k/year FF could allocate the additional
grant for C++ developer, to implement more features in the short timeframe.
36k = 3 Platinum Sponsors (12k/year = 1k per month ) or 6 Gold (6k/year
= 500 usd per month) or 12 Silver (3k) - or 36 Bronze sponsors (1k/year
= 80 USD/month).

The companies - Platinum sponsors have access to Task Technical Group
and can influence and support their desired features in Firebird, other
sponsors have a voting membership in Firebird Foundation (which can be
bought separately by USD$300/year).

Alexey Kovyazin