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> I have a database that is configured with CharSet = None.

>And there is your problem: don't use NONE.

>Not related to your problem, but why are you still using Firebird 2.5.1?
>A lot of bugs have been fixed since 2.5.1, including a number of
>security related bugs. The current latest point release of Firebird 2.5
>is 2.5.8, with 2.5.9 soon to be released.

So what you and Helen are telling me is that I should change the database to use UTF8. Correct?

What are the implications of changing from CharSet = None to CharSet = UTF8?. Will this affect already stored data in any way? Will this affect my existing programs by somehow transmuting the data being returned to me? I can't afford for everything to suddenly turn to crap because I change the CharSet of the database. Is it possible to change the CharSet of individual fields instead?

I am still using 2.5.1 because up until this moment it has done everything I need it to do without any problems. And I have a firm "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" policy. I also have about a hundred sites running this stuff and it is nice to have them all on the same release. And updating all 100 sites is simply not on for anything less than a full blown emergency.