Subject Re: 133208 Re: [firebird-support] New Firebird 3.0.4 install can't attach, sysdba & password
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 20-10-2018 01:12, 'Chris LeFebvre' lefebvrec@...
[firebird-support] wrote:
> Hi Carlos:
> Thanks for the response, when I tried "isql\Firebird\<database>.gdb –u sysdba –p <My password> I was able to connect to the database and show the properties of it and do a test select statement that returned data that shows me that I am in fact connected to the database. But I still can't connect to the database from my application (located on the tablet itself) or from Database Workbench on my development computer, in both cases I'm using the sysdba username and the same password that I did when using isql but I continue to get the error message "Your user name and password are not defined. Etc etc".
> I tried installing Database workbench on the tablet and I was able to attach to the database without a problem; I tried looking for the fbclient.dll and there's a newer version than the one that I had in my applications directory. Once I renamed the old client library and copied the newer client library into my applications directory I was able to connect to the local server without any problem.

It sounds like your application is using a Firebird 2.5 fbclient (or at
least a driver that does not support the new Srp authentication protocol).

This could indicate that the installer only initializes and changes the
SRP password, which means the legacy auth password is still set to the
default of masterkey.

This is very important to be aware of: users exist per authentication
plugin, with a password per authentication plugin.

Check MON$ATTACHMENTS column MON$AUTH_METHOD to see using which plugin
you're using right now. You want to change the password of the other
SYSDBA as well (or maybe even delete it).

Mark Rotteveel